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Level 3, 64 Castlereagh St, Sydney

Phone: +61 2 9328 5264 Mobile: +61 410 725 946

AVPA accredited member

AVPA Accredited Member

About Us


What started as a humble studio in a North Shore apartment has now exploded into what we have today. And we are all very excited! Guardian Media now has two offices, North Sydney and Gosford.

Although our client base is predominantly in the Sydney Metropolitan Area, all our post production, editing and duplications are done in our Gosford studio at Shop 138B Faunce St, GOSFORD.

Our North Sydney office at Pacific Highway is open by appointment for client meetings and presentations.

Meet our people:

Leanne McLeod -- Production Manager
Nina Woodward -- Sales & Marketing
Luke Starkey -- Cameraman / Editor
David Cleverly -- Freelance Camerman / Editor
Kenton McLeod -- I.T. / Web
Rebecca Campbell -- Freelance Graphic Designer
Mike Goodman -- Voice over / audio engineer


Our camera of choice is the new Sony DSR-PD-170. These broadcast quality, professional units, are of a compact design, meaning you get high quality recording in the most unobtrusive manner. These cameras have exeptional low light recording ability, (Rated to 1 Lux), so lights are virtually never needed.

We also use a Sony DSR 570 and HDV is now available with the Sony HVR-Z1

We also use multiple discreet broadcast quality wireless lapel microphones as well as auxiliary microphones to ensure those all important vows are not missed.

Editing Studio

Our non-linear digital editing studios are constantly being updated with the latest technology and industry standard software, and we are proud to be able to pass on to our clients, the latest in title creation and effects. As everything remains in digital format, there is no loss in image quality throughout the whole production. We also use the latest DVD authoring system from Apple to produce Hollywood-style DVDs. This is done with Final Cut Pro HD and DVD Studio Pro 2 on an Apple Mac G5 - Dual 2GHZ - Advertised as "The world's fastest, most powerful personal computer."

Professional licensing

Our affiliation through APRA ( means we are licensed to use commercial music for the production of your special event. We also have a library of over 100 performing artists who have given us permission to use their music for soundtracks. Guardian Media also compose music digitally mastered in our studios.

Our Public Liability Insurance gives both you and us piece of mind and security on your special day.

We are also accredited members of the Australian Video Producers Association (

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