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Getting your product or service out there, in a sometimes saturated marketplace, can often be considerably difficult. With a marketing video or promotional DVD you can WOW your potential customers or clients with a high impact, visual presentation that showcases your business.

A demonstration video can be used in conjunction with other marketing supports, such as brochures and product photos, in your next PR campaign. Your promotional video can even be looped on the DVD to continuously run for your in-store or trade-show display.

Guardian Media can produce a demonstration video of your product or service and then reproduce multiple copies on to DVD as a consumable product for your potential customers and clients.

Promotional video case study:

Just Jump Skydive required a marketing video that gave a brief but very visual representation of the life changing experience of a tandem skydive. The promotional video needed to convey the benefits and sheer exhilaration a skydive had to potential customers.
Guardian Media produced a punchy yet informative promo video that Just Jump Skydive can send to potential clients to give them a taste of the experience of freefall in their own lounge room.

Just Jump (8.7M WMV)


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